As, President, Founder and Owner of First Contact: Security Training and Personal Safety LTD. Earl brings 15 years of Professional Security experience to First Contact. Erron, as he’s better known as, has vast security knowledge and experience working in various capacities in the security industry including: uniformed security/ visual deterrent, loss prevention/ plain clothes, special events, over 8 yrs night club security experience  and currently 9 years as a Federal Peace Officer with the Correctional Service of Canada, Serving at several Federal Penitentiaries across Canada.

Erron has a raw and unique ability to relate to up and coming security professionals given his lengthy history and experience in the industry. With countless use of force incidents under him, Earl specializes in use of force/baton training as well close quarter combat training for security and law enforcement personal.  

Earl “ Erron” Doering the founder of First Contact: Security Training and Personal Safety LTD is the lead instructor for Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) , Threat Pattern Recognition (TPR) formally Pressure Point Control Tactics training( PPCT) and Use of Force/Batons.

Erron is pleased to bring his raw attitude and unique approach to First Contact as proud member of the team.


As the lead firearms instructor and the Vice President of First Contact: Security Training and Personal Safety, Ryan LaFontaine has a wide range of knowledge and experience to bring to First Contact. 

With currently 13 years of army experience including two tours to Afghanistan serving with Bravo Company Second Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and 1 Headquarters and Signals Squadron. He also has 12 years of security experience including event security, static security and 8 years night club experience working along side with Erron Doering and Mike Park. On top of his distinguished military career, Ryan also brings 2 years of Federal Peace Officer experience working along side Erron Doering at several penitentiaries throughout Alberta.

Ryan brings his raw attitude and straight forward approach to First Contact which is an asset not only to First Contact: Security Training and Personal Safety but to the community.


​Jill comes to us with over 12 years of teaching experience and over 15 years of field experience in both the Emergency Medical field as well as Security at many levels and of many priorities. Combining these experiences has provided the opportunity to better cater to specific fields of focus and has enhanced the experience for those who've had the pleasure of her as their Instructor. She has provided quality Instruction for a number of Law Enforcement agencies, Fire Departments, Security companies, Health and Emergency Service personnel, and countless courses to general population, industrial companies, and volunteer groups.

Jill's career(s) have taken her all over the Alberta and across borders into neighboring provinces on a few occasions to provide courses in addition to private security and medical services.


Earl 'Erron' Doering - ABST, PPCT/TPR, Handcuffing, Self Defence, Use of Force

​Ryan Lafontaine- ABST, PPCT/TPR, Handcuffing,  Canadian Firearms Safety Instructor 

​Tina Doering- Secretary and Treasurer, Administration, book keeping

Jill Stadnyk - St. John Ambulance First Aid Instructor,HCP